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️Save £50 with the cheapest variable tariff in the UK

️Get the Fuse app and power up with real renewable electricity for less ⚡️
Save £50 with the cheapest variable tariff in the UK

It’s better, faster, and cheaper. We’re putting the future of electricity in the palm of your hand.

Too good to be true? See for yourself, it only takes 3 minutes to switch 🤯

See your savings every dayYou won’t just know how much electricity you’ve used every hour, or how much you’ve spent. You’ll also see your savings broken down daily, so you’re always in the know 🤘
See your savings every day
Always know where your renewable electricity comes from
Get free electricity on your birthday. We’re here to make every day better... but some days are more memorable
Moving home? Schedule it in seconds and take Fuse with you...
Moving home? Schedule it in seconds and take Fuse with you...
Any questions? No stress. Our support team is just a tap away every day from 8am to 10pm
Splitting bills? Soon you’ll be able to set it and forget it and split your electricity bills automatically in Fuse
You can switch to Fuse faster than it takes to catch the tube on a Tuesday. Just add your address, personal info, and select a tariff.

Enter your postcode to get electricity tariff details for your home 🤘

You’ll get the best rates (VAT inclusive) in the UK for any variable tariff. For an estimated monthly quote, download the Fuse app

Excited? So are we, and we’re just getting started. Fuse operates 18MW of solar and wind sites in the UK alone, with a further 100MW on the way.

How? We reinvest 100% of our profits into renewable electricity projects around the world 🌍

Bullous Park. Exeter, England
Balnamoon. Moray, Scotland
Netley North. Southampton, England
Step 1
Download the app. Fuse is supported on iOS and Android devices
Step 2
Link your home address. Add your postcode and we’ll show you your estimated savings
Step 3
Confirm your tariff. Add your account information to confirm your Fuse tariff
Step 4
Submit your switch. We’ll arrange the switch with your current supplier while you sit back and relax ✨